...S. Fl's Premier Culinary Business Incubator & Co-Kitchen 

Not your traditional Incubator...

Our Kitchen is a Product based Culinary Movement. South Florida is full of creative business owners who have the opportunity to be world-class entrepreneurs but lack the resources, mentorship, networking, funding or training to get their product or idea "market ready" & even "shelf ready". 

Imagine a combination of a pop-up restaurant venue where chefs get a chance to test out new concepts or gain experience in a restaurant setting, a commercial kitchen where startups can freely create future food trends and a miniature market where customers test our fresh from the garden products "farmers market" style AND the latest grocery products before they hit supermarket shelves... That place is Our Kitchen. 

Chefs Caterers Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Chefs & startups lease

co-working space in our licensed kitchen

Gardens Aquaponics Hydroponics Farmers Market

Garden Tour

Tour our aquaponics lab & taste our fresh from the garden foods

Grocery Products supermarket shelves

Miniature Market

Try products made by our local food-preneurs before they hit supermarket shelves

restaurant miami outdoor pop-up kitchen

Pop-up Restaurant

Enjoy new creations while our restauranteurs gain experience in our weekly feature